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Home Stress Relief was designed with the client in mind. Selling your home at a stressful time in your life the last thing you want or need are delays. If you qualify we may be able to list and sell your home traditionally on the MLS. If that program does not work for your needs we can purchase the home from you directly. By selling your house “as is” for cash to us, you won’t need to bother with repairs, or even showings. There are no commissions, we pay typical closing costs and can close quickly./h4>

It’s that easy.

We’ll be there to walk you through each step of the sale and make sure we educate you on every part of the process.

We can close in as few as three weeks from your acceptance of our cash offer.

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The Equity Advisor Team has more than 20 years experience purchasing homes. We have purchased thousands of homes and can offer you the relief you deserve today!

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No one can relieve the stress quicker than Home Stress Relief!

We know there are many cash home buyers in South Florida, and you may have already heard from some of them. Important things to consider when picking the right company can make the difference from closing to maybe not closing the sale. It’s that important !!

Inexperienced real estate investors may say the right things, but what you want is experience on your side.

Homeowners facing big obstacles in their life from medical bills, divorce, property left from a family member. Turn to Home Stress Reliefs team to help with a house that’s become more of a liability than an asset. We start with a face-to-face visit to meet you and see your house. After a quick consultation, we can make you a fair, no-obligation offer.

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We’ll make selling your house to Home Stress Relief as easy and transparent as possible. We’ll keep you completely informed as we move through our quick and easy three-step process.

Home Stress Relief purchased houses for all types of circumstances the same way – in person with no surprises. No wonder most of the people who’ve sold us their houses would recommend us to friends and family. And to you!

It’s easy to get started and easy to get cash for your house in South Florida. Just give us a call or complete our online form, and we’ll call you.

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I turned to HomeStressRelief.com for assistance and it was the smartest decision I ever made. From my initial contact to closing, everything moved along in a fluid and professional manner, and it only took a few weeks!

Cheryl Decenzo, Home Stress Relief Customer

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